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2d and 3d Shapes



We have been looking at 2d and 3d shapes recently in Maths. The main vocabulary for 2d shapes is: corner, edge and side whereas the vocabulary for 3d shapes is: vertices, faces and edges. In Year 4, we have actions for these properties to help us remember them. 


A face is any of the indiviual surfaces of a solid object.


An edge is a line that joins two vertices together.


A vertex (vertices) is where two or more straight lines meet.


We have looked at a range of shapes. Here are some of their names:


2d shapes:


- rectangle

- square

- pentagon

- hexagon

- triangle


3d shapes:

- cube

- cuboid

- sphere

- hemisphere

- cone

- prism



Shapes can be found all around us. To help us identify the different properties of these shapes we created out own 3d shape using marshmallows as vertices and cocktail sticks as the edges. After we discussed out shapes' properties we took it apart and ate the marshmallows. Can you recognise any of the shapes we created? Can you name any of their properties?