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HAPPY NEW YEAR - it's now 2010!

5th Jan 2010 - First day back into half term,a very cold and frosty day, busy wishing every one a Happy New Year, discussing what our New Year resolutions could be for the year 2010, learning poetry, starting to learn to play badminton.....just another busy day in Violet Class! Then.....that evening, the cold and frosty weather turned to snow! Would it be another snowy walk to school similar to the last day of Autumn term? Sadly, no......
6th Jan - The roads were very dangerous and the weather forecast informed us that things could get worse!

Oh no! We can't go to school! We can't do our work!


Make sure you log on - add your thoughts onto the playground forum on the class page.Practise your spellings from the whole of the Autumn term! Know your times tables back to front and upside down! Check Fronter for new activities.


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