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Welcome to Ruby Class!

"Ruby are remarkable rockets ready to read and write!"

(our class motto)

  We are proud to be Ruby class so take a look at our achievements this year!

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Breaking News!

Page in progress!  We wrote TV broadcasts about the first man on the moon and then Miss Brienesse videoed it in a live TV broadcast. . . we even had...

Cooking Chaos!

Today we were lucky enough to make some Rice Bubble cakes - a Miss Brienesse special!! (not to mention favourite!!)  The recipe was very easy and we...

Maths Magic!

Today we took a look at measuring mass.  We used different types of scales to measure different objects, including ourselves!  We learned that milligr...

DT Day!

Hi our name's are Tomiwa and Armaan and we want to talk about our favourite D.T day. We enjoyed making our rockets for our Science topic of Space, b...

Look What Deena Found . . .

Deena took these photos of fungi outside our classroom!  What a surprise!

Aylward World Apple Day!

Tuesday 21st of October was World Apple Day.  Check out how we munched our way through the day in Ruby class!

Stars of the Week!

Take a look at our Stars of the Week and what they have done to impress thier teacher so much!

Our Special Visitors!

Weren't we lucky to get a special and up close visit from some feathered friends! They weren't scared at all.

Meet our School Council Representatives

These are our two representatives for Ruby class for school council.  Responsible and reliable Ruby representatives!  They pass on messages to the Cou...

Super Squares!

In Maths we were looking at number puzzles and patterns.  We studied square numbers and how to work them out!  We also looked at how to draw them.  Lo...


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