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For the rest of this half term Year 4 will be reading the book and watching the film of Oliver which was originally written by Charles Dickens and is based during the 19th century, an area of London history we will be covering and learning more about in History with our London across the ages topic.


Below is the trailer for the film we are watching in class.


How would you describe Oliver's feelings at different parts of the trailer?

How do you think life would have been like during the 19th century?

This week we've been learning how to 'show,' not 'tell' in our writing. By using descriptive language rather than just telling the reader what the character is feeling, our writing has become more interesting and engaging. Here we are exploring emotions and learning how to describe them as a class with a tableau activity. Ask your child how they might show disgust or shock!
Picture 1

The story

Oliver Twist is sold to a Dunstable undertaker after asking for more dinner at the orphanage. Escaping to London he is taken in by Fagin to join his gang of child pickpockets. Wrongly accused of a theft he meets a more kindly gentleman who takes him in, to the concern of one of Fagin's old pupils, the violent Bill Sykes.

Play Scripts


At the start of the half term Year 4 looked at the important elements of play scripts and tried to write our own play script based on the short video below called La Luna. In class we discussed the importance of writing a detailed setting and character descriptions focusing on using adjectives, adverbs and similes before starting to write our own play script using stage directions to indicate what the character's actions and expression are. 

This week Year 4 practised performing play scripts in groups, deciding who played the different characters from La Luna before sharing our performances with the class. Whilst sharing the rest of the class identified a strength and an improvement for each group. Here are some photographs of us practising, performing and writing about different groups.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Examples of our work on playscripts

Examples of our work on playscripts 1
Examples of our work on playscripts 2

La Luna