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Here are all the topics we have covered so far in Mathematics in Year 4 with the most current one at the top and the oldest topic at the bottom.


There can be different ways to work out a sum so at the bottom of this page are different methods to work out multiplication and division. There are also vocabulary posters for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to help us understand what a question is asking us to do.


In Maths we've been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We are describing them using our maths terminology and having a lot of fun with toothpicks!! Toothpicks?? Ask your child what type of 3D shape they made with candy and toothpicks!


Multiplication Methods

Multiplication Methods 1
Multiplication Methods 2
Multiplication Methods 3

Division methods

Division methods 1 Short Division
Division methods 2 Long Division
Division methods 3 Chunking

Useful Vocabulary

Useful Vocabulary 1
Useful Vocabulary 2
Useful Vocabulary 3
Useful Vocabulary 4