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Welcome to Music!

Welcome to the music page.  Here you will find pictures and information about what the

children have been learning.  




There are still opportunities for children in Years 3 to 6 to learn an instrument;

Woodwind, Violin or Guitar (Piano is now full)

Please contact the school office to find out more



4th to 8th December 2017

This is an opportunity for children who have been learning an instrument this term to meet their instrumental teacher and discuss their progress



Tuesday 12th December at 2.40pm

for Parents & Carers


The Rocky Monster show


Years 3, 4 and 5 took part in a show.  Each class performed a scene.  They all performed fantastically and the performances were enjoyed by all.

Well done children!


Guitar Festival 2017


Four Year 6 boys represented Aylward at Harrow's annual Borough Guitar Festival.  These children had to learn a number of songs.  One of them being their favourite 'Get Lucky.'  The boys spent the whole day at a workshop and then performed confidently in the evening performance.  It was a great night.

Well done boys.


Here are a selection of photos.  To view more photos, click on the link.



Music Concert 2017


Over 90 children took part in our annual school concert.  The orchestra played 2 of their favourite tunes and the choir sang a couple of songs from Oliver.

Children who learn the guitar, violin, trumpet, clarinet and flute performed together with some solo performances on the piano.

The evening was a success and was enjoyed by everyone.

Well done to all of you who performed.


A selection of the choir visited the 'Tea and Chat' group at St John's Church in Stanmore and entertained the senior members singing a selection of songs.  They also had the opportunity to speak to the ladies and gentlemen afterwards as they brought along a selection of school work and talked animatedly about their learning.  The afternoon was enjoyed by all.
The Piatti Quartet from the Cavatina Chamber Music Trust performed for us at Aylward.  They played many tunes.  The children learnt the difference between a viola and a violin.  We all had a chance to conduct the quartet.
Year 6  have been learning to play the recorder since September.
Year 4 children have been composing a raga for their Indian topic.  They have learnt that a raga is a tune and a tala is a rhythm.
Take a look at Year 3 creating tudor dances.  They are trying to dance very smartly as they were performing for King Henry VIII
Year 3 have been composing their own tudor music.  They used a drone and repeated the rhythm over and over on their drum.
Last May Pop Uk came to Aylward.  The whole school learnt 7 songs and had the chance to record a professional CD.  The children performed their songs in a big school pop concert.  It was a great success.  'I absolutely loved it' said one child.  'We had the best time.'

3rd February 2016


97 children took part in our annual school concert.  The choir sang 2 of their favourite songs and the children playing the trumpet were terrific. The orchestra played an excerpt from the Horn Concerto.  The guitarists entertained us with Uptown Funk and the violinists played really well. Everyone enjoyed listening to tunes from Frozen played by the flautists and the pianists wowed us with their technical ability.   


Well done to you all!



On Wednesday 27th January, 23 children represented Aylward at a Holocaust Memorial Evening.  The children sang one of their favourite songs called 'Refuge.'  

Picture 1
Picture 2

The Deputy Mayor of Harrow visited Aylward to present the children who performed at the Holocaust Memorial Evening with certificates.  

Christmas in EYFS


The children in Nursery and Reception worked very hard and learnt many songs. Their show was called 'Shine Star Shine' and was all about a star that would not shine.  

EYFS Christmas Nativity

EYFS Christmas Nativity 1
EYFS Christmas Nativity 2

Year 1 and 2 performing 'Hey Ewe.'  The story of the nativity was told by each class singing a song.  They dressed up in their costumes and did themselves proud.  It was a great show.  

In the Autumn term the Year 6 children learnt how to play the recorder.  This project was run by Harrow Music Education Hub. At the end of the 12 week term, the children were very excited to play some of their tunes.

Year 6 Recorder Concert

Year 6 Recorder Concert 1
Year 6 Recorder Concert 2

Members of the school choir went to St John's Church in Stanmore and entertained the ladies at their 'tea and chat' group.  The children sang 3 of their favourite songs.  They were rewarded with orange juice and biscuits.  It was an extremely successful afternoon and the children are looking forward to visiting the group again.

The Choir singing at St John's Church in Stanmore

Year 3 have been learning how to read rhythms.  They created their own rhythm grids and were clapping these against a beat.

Year 3 clapping different rhythms

Year 4 went to The Royal Albert Hall and were lucky enough to get front row seats.  The programme of music that the children enjoyed ranged from Indian music to jazz and included a piece of music from the planets by Holst.

'It was great to be so near to the musicians' said one of the pupils

'The music was so loud'said another!


Have a listen to Jupiter from the Planets.

Jupiter from the Planets by Holst

Remember you can hear the tune of 'The World in Union' in the middle of the piece

The World In Union

Listen to the song and see if you can hear this tune in 'Jupiter.'
Year 2 have been learning to read long and short notes.  They have explored different ways of playing the tambourine to produce long and short sounds.  Scraping and scratching for long notes and tapping and flicking for short notes.  They have been brilliant explorers.

Year 2 reading long and short notes

Year 6 have been working on a project run by the Harrow Music Education Hub.  They are learning to play the recorder.  This is a great opportunity for the children to experience the discipline of learning an instrument.  They are looking forward to showcasing their talents in a concert on 4th December 2015.

Year 6 playing the recorder

Our annual school concert in February

Over 100 children took part in the school concert.  The choir and orchestra performed together with solo instrumentalists.  

If you play an instrument and would like to play in the next school concert in February 2016 please come and see Mrs Tash.