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Spring Term


Animal Including Humans

For the first half term, we will be learning about the human digestive system, food chains and food webs. 

We will be developing our animal vocabulary to include: carnivore, omnivore, producers and consumers to note a few.


Living Things and Their Habitats

For the second half term, we have been learning about the various types of animals and habitats and classifying them.

Autumn Term



The sound of science! Science classes during the first half of term will focus on the science of sound and how sound is made. Students will be learning through various experiments and will work on using correct terminology to explain what they’ve learned. 


States of Matter

What's the difference between between a solid, liquid or solid? During the second half term, we will focus on different states of matter. Students will be learning about the water cycle and developing their understanding of evaporation and condensation.