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London Across the Ages


This half term we will be learning about how London has changed between the Great Fire of London (1666) and the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840). We will be building on knowledge we already know about the Great Fire of London and learning about many important events that took place over these years.

The Industrial Revolution


The Industrial Revolution was a time of great change on London. Children, men and women were all expected to work and many people moved from the countryside to towns in order to find work. Due to the invention of machines, such as weaving machines to produce materials, and more factories the population of people living in the capital grew to 4.5 million by 1900.


This week in History we designed our own inventions. In 4S we thought about what inventions we could make in the Industrial Revolution and considered what we could design without electricity because during the Industrial Revolution there was not any electricity like we know now, everything was powered either by wind or water! Where 4C created designs which could help people today.

Acts of Union


Great Britain wasn't always Great Britain. We've been learning about how Scotland and England joined together in the Acts of Union to being the United Kingdom. This was an important part of history and had some pros and cons for everyone involved. To understand how difficult it can be to join two countries together, our students have come up with an Act of Union for joining the two year four classes! They have some pretty interesting ideas.. 



The Great Stink of 1858


London used to be quite a smelly place! There wasn't a proper sewage system, so the waste really piled up. We created some pipe-cleaner models to visualize what the new sewage system put in place by Joseph Bazalegette (say that name 5 times fast).