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Aylward's Activity Passport

Please use the links below to see our video and to download a copy of Aylward's Activity Passport:

At Aylward Primary School we believe that every child should be inspired and enjoy their learning, achieving their full potential through a curriculum which is knowledge rich and will give them the skills and experiences to be ‘future ready’.  


To support and enhance this further, we are introducing ‘Aylward’s Activity Passport’, and a copy will be provided for every child to keep throughout their school journey. The passport includes a list of twenty exciting challenges for every year group.  Most of the activities will be completed in school but there are some that can be easily enjoyed by all the family, with just a little bit of your input from home.   


The idea was first introduced by the DfE in 2018 (Department for Education) to not only encourage the academic progress of children but ensure that every child has exposure to experiences that provide enjoyment and life-long fulfilment.  This includes activities such as, reading for pleasure, being passionate about music, drama and sport, having community connections to their local area, developing an appreciation of nature and an insight into the world of work.  Our Activity Passport ideas are similar to the list created by the National Trust:

‘50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾’, which we encourage all parents to read.   


You can share photos of your child completing activities with their class teacher.

We hope your child will have a fantastic time working through the Activity Passport list, both in school and with you, as a family. Please do keep ticking off the activities throughout the year and don’t worry if your child completes something more than once – that’s just double the fun!  At the end of the school year, the children who have completed and documented all 20 activities on their year group list will receive a special certificate!  

Useful Links and Information:


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50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾' is a list of 50 activities for primary-aged children to try, encouraging them to get outside, explore and discover.


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This website offers support for parents on learning at home and the value of linking it to the curriculum.



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Details of local groups where you can get involved: