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Aylward Primary School

Inspire, Enjoy, Achieve


Timings of the School Day

Reception to Year 6

8.00am Breakfast club starts
8.30am Early bird programme
8.40am Staff on duty in the playground (parents must supervise children until this time)
8.50am School day starts
11.50am to 12.50pm Lunch for Reception
11.50am to 12.50pm Lunch for KS1
12.30pm to 1.30pm Lunch for KS2
3.05pm School finishes  -  Reception
3.10pm School finishes  -  KS1
3.20pm School finishes  -  KS2
5.45pm PAALS finishes



8.40am Gate opens  -  morning session commences
11.40am Gate opens  -  morning session ends
11.50am Gate closes
12.20pm Gate opens  -  afternoon session commences
12.30pm Gate closes
3.20pm Gate opens  -  afternoon session ends


Main Gate Timings

Gate Opens Closes Opens Closes
Vehicle gate 5.45am 7.45am 4.45pm 6.00pm
Front pedestrian 7.15am 9.00am 2.50pm 6.05pm
Rear pedestrian  8.20am 9.00am 2.50pm 3.40pm
Rear pedestrian for Nursery access 11.30am 11.50am 12.15pm 12.30pm
Internal playground 8.20am 9.00am 2.50pm 4.40pm
Internal side gate (nr Music room) 8.20am 9.00am 4.45pm 6.00pm