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Aylward Primary School

Inspire, Enjoy, Achieve


Visions and Values

Promoting British Values



Inspire, Enjoy, Achieve


To fulfil this vision, all members of the school community should:


·         Feel safe, secure and included;

·         Be challenged to reach the highest standards;

·         Feel valued, respected and treated fairly;

·         Feel enthusiastic and happy about coming to Aylward;

·         Develop a sense of confidence and responsibility for their own learning.



Aylward provides an environment where children:


·         Are treated as individuals;

·         Are able to achieve their best;

·         Are encouraged to have high aspirations;

·         Become confident and independent learners;

·         Develop skills for life-long learning;

·         Celebrate uniqueness and diversity;

·         Are encouraged to build positive relationships and make a positive contribution to the school                and wider community;

·         Are encouraged to appreciate and enjoy our history and spacious grounds;

·         Are encouraged to live healthy and active lives,

·         Are encouraged to express themselves through language, the arts and through sport.