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What Parents say about our school



It has actually been a very un-stressful, very engaging and enjoyable day. My child has remained engaged and focused, it's been a pleasure to work with him. Thank you so much for everything    


The structure of the live lessons and the information that is shared has made it easy for us to juggle our day around to ensure our daughter is not missing out on her learning. She enjoys being able to see her friends and interacting with the online learning.    


Simple to do as lots of information in different places. Our daughter loves the lessons on-line as she can follow what is being taught and sees her friends. 



Proximity and quality of education following school visit, which was impressive.​


We are very impressed by the facilities, diversity and approach to teaching at the school.  the school's efforts and support our child in an effective manner. ​


We strongly believe in the school's ethos.​


I was very impressed by the Head at this school.​


We have family and friends who recommended this school because they are excited about the creativity and education of the children​.


We were impressed with the friendly atmosphere and the attention to musical education. It would be a great fit for our son.​


On our Open Day visit, as parents we liked the fact there was an emphasis on education, lots of open space and a calm atmosphere. It was impressive to see different types of resources available in school to enhance children’s learning.​


Like the vision of the Head.​


The introduction of the Forest School in 2020 was also encouraging and a key reason for choosing this school. The children seemed calm and attentive. Their behaviour was good and they seemed to be eager to learn.​



In November 2018 parents and carers were asked to review Aylward and also provide a star rating.

The school received 128 responses; the average star rating was 4.83 out of 5.


Please see below a selection of the many great reviews received from parents and carers of children across all year groups.


  • Good interaction of teachers with parents. Good school premises.
  • Friendly, welcoming school that goes an extra mile for its pupils. Well behaved children.
  • Friendly head teacher. Kept informed of child’s progress. Issue in class dealt with satisfactorily.
  • I was surprised to see the detail in the work. I am impressed at how far the education has come along since I was at school. Mrs Wall is fantastic. I am also extremely impressed with the head of early years; she genuinely cares about our child’s development.



  • I like the school because it has good ideas about how to get kids to like learning more.
  • The teachers at Aylward are very good and inform us on our child’s progress, activities and assemblies. As a parent, I am very pleased my son attends Aylward.
  • Very good all round teaching and information given to parents throughout. Very pleased with all the support and help Hayden has been given during his time at Aylward.
  • Aylward is a good school, with a strong sense of caring towards the children. The staff genuinely care about the children. Although children are encouraged to behave, and adhere to boundaries, there isn’t a punitive approach. Discipline is within a kind, cooperative approach, with a sense of the child’s wellbeing.  



  • I am very happy with Aylward and with the quality of teaching.
  • I like the fact that the teachers treat the pupils as individuals and take the time to listen to their needs.
  • Aylward is full of caring staff who look after my daughter’s needs, care about her wellbeing and support her learning.



  • Very good. Staff always listens to the child’s viewpoints.
  • The teachers are helpful.
  • Great school, with very nice teaching methods.
  • Good behaviour and teaching.



  • This is a great school. My child is very happy. Great teachers, great children, lovely staff.
  • Have been really supportive to students to make them achieve excellent marks.
  • Communication good school-parents. Extra-curricular activities. Student progress.
  • I like the way my child is improving. I like the environment and the respect. I like how the staff behave. I like the new building.



  • Very nice school. Have been very helpful with all issues and concerns.
  • Taliyah is doing very well here, she is happy and likes the school. They have helped her to thrive. I am very happy.
  • Thamiisha is happy to come to school. She talks about the school a lot and almost all the things she talks about are good. We like the SMS alert system very much. We appreciate the teacher’s hard work towards Thamiisha. Thank you so much.
  • Always happy to recommend Aylward as a caring and nurturing school. Children are always happy coming to school each day.



  • We have no words to express how happy we are with the school and teachers/staff, and how grateful we are for all you have done for Isha. Thank you so much for all that you do.
  • I am very pleased with the school and with the results my child achieves in school.
  • My child is enjoying his time in Aylward. He is getting all the support needed to improve his learning and his level.
  • The school is a very welcoming place and is very good. It’s a safe place for children and parents.