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When should my child return to school after they have been sick?


The advice from medical professionals is that children should be given a further 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea. Although your child might seem better, there is still the risk of germs being spread.


How do I register for ParentPay?


You will automatically receive your log-in details from us, by letter. Once received, go to to register. If you do not receive these or require any assistance, please contact the school office.


How do I set up ParentPay Alerts to advise me when to make a payment?

(please see the document/guide at the bottom of the page)


How do I update my address or contact details?


Please download and complete the Change of Contact Details form or collect one from the school office. Evidence is required for a change of name or address.


How do I update my parental consent?


Please download and complete the Change of Contact Details and Parental Consent Update form or collect one from the school office.


How can I find out if my child is entitled to Free School Meals?


You can run a check yourself on-line by visiting, please contact the school office and ask us to run a check on your behalf.


Where can I buy school Uniform?


Sweatshirts, Cardigans and Polo Shirts (and other items such as book bags) bearing the Aylward logo are available to buy at Pullens Uniform shop in Stanmore or on-line at 

Plain white polo shirts are acceptable which can be bought from any shop. We do not sell black trousers or skirts. We are unable to accept cash in school for orders.


Can my child walk home by themselves?


Yes - Children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to make their own way home. We ask parents to complete and sign a school form to give permission. (visit PARENTS/USEFUL INFORMATION). If a child must be collected early for an appointment, they must be collected by an adult and signed out by the school office.


Can I park in the school's car park?


No - The car park is for staff and visitors only.


What should I do if my child has an appointment during the school day?


Appointments should be made outside of school hours or during the holidays. If the appointment does fall in school time and you are unable to reschedule, you must inform the school office in advance and provide evidence, such as an appointment letter, which can be emailed to us, or visit the school office if you have an appointment message on your phone. If you need to request a leave of absence for any reason, including religious observance, please ask for an Exceptional Leave Request form from the school office.


Headteachers are not permitted to authorise leave of absence for holidays during term time; these will not be authorised and could result in a fine. Due to the rise in absences before and after school holidays, medical evidence must be provided for all pupils for sickness absence to be authorised at these times.