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Our School priorities for this year

Headlines from our School Improvement Plan


Each year we review how the school is performing.This helps us to decide how we can further develop our school and enable our children to be the best they can be. We analyse our latest results, as well as information from our annual pupil, staff and parent questionnaires. We also listen to educational advisers who visit our school. Below is a summary of our current priorities:


1. Improve children's reading skills. 

  • We are introducing a programme called Destination Reader for our Key Stage 2 children which will help them to develop their higher order reading skills.
  • Purchase further reading books across the school.
  • Introduce different ways of promoting children's interest in reading.



2.Further improve children's reasoning and problem solving skills in maths.

  • Celebrate our 100th day in school.
  • Purchase further maths resources such as 'Time Table Rock Stars'.
  • Hold maths workshops for parents.
  • Our maths leader to 'Team Teach' with teachers across the school.
  • Our children to take part in more maths competitions.


3. Further improve our Curriculum (Quality of Education).

  • Our curriculum leaders to ensure there is clear progression in learning across all subjects in the school.
  • Further develop teacher teacher's expertise in teaching the curriculum.


4. Further improve outcomes for our Foundation children.

  • Our Reception teachers to attend writing training.
  • Improve the way we collect our assessments in Reception and Nursery.
  • Introduce Forest Schools for our children..


5.  Further improve opportunities for our children who have additional needs.

  • Training for Learning Support Assistants.
  • Further develop the expertise of our Kaleidoscope lead teacher.
  • Closely monitor children's progress in order to help teachers identify next important steps for our children.


6.  Other areas.

  • Our phase leaders to work alongside team members to further improve their practice.
  • Introduce a whole school electronic system to record and monitor safeguarding issues.
  • Improving staff well being.
  •  Appoint high quality staff.